Fireplace with hand-chiseled strips and arc with high reliefs                                                                                                                 Well in the face view with three pieces all hand-made coverage        

Stonecutter’s trade         Mèxico   Deutsch   italy

 It has been since ancient times underestimated: "Sculptor without art", quarry worker who cuts the stone and working with bits and chisel to build works in series.font handmade shaped shell The only ability that was attributed to know the material that transforms. Knowing where to mark the "Cognare" and then beat the "Ponciotti" to cut it the way you want. The cut "Trincante" or "Shoulder" must follow the veins and the stonemason observes well the stone before working! Not only this it can do and the many squares, palaces and monuments, built with the use of local stone or imported, are proof.
His works are often anonymous. Observing, however, with sensitivity, you can imagine the hard work of those who have had to struggle against the hostile nature if he had to provide through this job, you need to High relief of sacred unique picture frame with chiselledsupport their families. When the stonemason is dedicated to works of art that are not only shaping or preparation of paving the streets and curbs along the boulevards, he knows he has acquired the art, having raised children and never having to produce only for the economic necessity. Then his new work will be wells and fountains, columns and pillars, fireplaces, arches with plastic moldings hand chiseled with straight edges, family crests facing walls where every stone laid collects the art of shaping.
The "Goal" is not just a goal, but also the ability to work in jargon rough stone in an orderly and precise. The cement mortar or lime will be little and will only serve to build an "escape" regular because "The random length" will have the elegance that the history of the reserve. Today we are far from now tiring rewarding art. What was it, "State" (in this case Italy), and the artistic and cultural heritage is left to decay into ruin. Since the war of us have had to emigrate elsewhere and exercise. Our country has underestimated us, and we took away profession, identity and culture. Fascist Trilogy falls in thought obey to modern democracy that is just a despicable lie. Capitalism does not always help the development but it only becomes an end in itself without regard to the things that are priceless.

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