hammered by block column


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octagonal clock with hammered edge and worked with chisel   vase made from hand popped rough block   vase made from raw block popped by hand with high relief   pot for bonsai bushhammered      

 basin for fountain made clamshell  sheet of handmade trachite clock with relief   garden fountain handmade   vase carved and polished by hand

Vessel for holy water hammered and polished   Book trachyte with backbone made with chisel  Well in the face view with three pieces all hand-made coverage   fireplace with headband and high relief

Wall fountain in stone, and worked chiselled  Wall fountain in the face machined view "Bolognini"  Wall in face view with steps ticked off by hand of local stone  home entrance with machined face view

These are just some works. For information write to me.  imall@live.it
Pillar face view   massive stone arch popped hand    wall face view working style "opus incertum"   world map polished handmade crude cubic stone

  Since 1997 Sandro Lazzarini.